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UPDATE: Joe Garcia says David Rivera flip-flopped on Arizona immigration law

Joe Garcia's campaign lashed out at state Rep. David Rivera Wednesday for what it called a flip-flop on Rivera's position on the controversial Arizona immigration law.

"Rivera can't have it both ways and tell one news channel he supports Arizona's extreme anti-Hispanic law to pander to fringes in his political base and then moments later say something else to our local newspaper,” Garcia said in a news release. “The people of South Florida need clear and honest leadership on the issues that affect them -- not David Rivera's slick brand of politics."

In a WTVJ-NBC 6 piece that aired Tuesday, a reporter for the TV station said Garcia opposes the Arizona law and "Rivera takes the opposite position."

What Rivera said on camera sounds as mushy as his comments to us about the law on Tuesday.

Here's what Rivera told NBC 6:

"We need to make sure that local law enforcement continues cooperating with federal authorities as they do right now to do whatever is possible to combat illegal immigration."

And here's what he told us:

"The law is a distraction from the real solutions that are required to solve the immigration problem," such as securing the border and developing a viable guest-worker program. And: "A lot of what's going on in Arizona happens in practice already throughout the nation. When police officers do a legal stop and they run the information or the data or the name and they find the person is here illegally, they immediately interface with federal immigration authorities."

Garcia kicked off his congressional campaign Tuesday and came out swinging against Rivera, the Republican House budget chief. Both are considered the leading contenders to win their respective primaries.

UPDATE: Leslie Veiga, Rivera's communications director, said Rivera has not changed his stance on the law.

"He really doesn't flip-flop on this issue at all," Veiga said. The TV reporter, she added, "made it sound more like Rep. Rivera was in favor of the Arizona law when he just thinks it's a distraction from the issue of immigration reform."


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Kendall Voter

If you go online and watch the clip form NBC 6, which I just did, the reporter from NBC 6 says " Joe Garcia took a stand against the Arizona law and David Rivera took the opposite position".

So either David led the reporter to believe he Agreed with Arizona's anti-Hispanic law or the reporter is wrong. Either way David clearly does not want to answer the question and is leaving his answers up to interpretation. Typical incumbent politician thing to do.


Isn't Rivera Cuban or Puerto Rican or something? Maybe he has forgotten all the anti Cuban laws they tried to pass in Miami in the 1970s and 80s. He should be ashamed...


I still don't see where David Rivera stands on immigration.

The fact that his communication's director did no come out and flat out denounce the Arizona immigration law makes it seem that Rivera has just flip-flopped once again.

George Fuller

When Rubio was Speaker Rivera and Zapata were his Lts.

Rubio blocked all immigration legislation and his boys attended the workshop and lectured those in attendance.

The next year Rivera and Zapata with 9 others made three amendments in one day to HB 567, a bill by Rep. Schenck that would outlaw Sanctuary Cities and basically killed the bill.

Miami Herald Article of April 7, 2008 outlines how the three planed on blocking the immigration bills.

And you wonder where Rivera stands on Immigration?......Open borders ring a bell?

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