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Joe Garcia's congressional campaign picks up endorsements, party backing

Joe Garcia has earned a spot on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Red to Blue program, which "highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country and offers them financial, communications, grassroots, and strategic support."

Garcia is making his second bid for Mario Diaz-Balart's seat, but this time there's no incumbent: Diaz-Balart vacated the seat to run for his brother's more Republican seat and was re-elected last week w/o opposition.

"Joe Garcia has come out of the gate strong and the Red to Blue program will give him the financial and structural edge to be even more competitive in November," said DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen. “Joe is generating excitement and is making the case to voters that his commitment to creating jobs and standing up for the middle class is far better than turning back the clock to the failed Bush policies of the past."

Garcia also picked up the backing of Commissioner Katy Sorenson, Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace, Florida City Vice Mayor Judy Waldman, City of Homestead Mayor Steven C. Bateman and Cutler Bay Mayor Paul Vrooman.


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JC Gonzalez

the real backing and most important endorsement that Joe doesn't have is from the working people, when it comes to there concerns and issues his opponnent Dem Luis Meurice is the man.

T. Garcia

Politics as usual not the communities interest but the special interest of Washington insiders that solve nothing but their partisian jobs and agenda. These are the inendorsement that have not spoken out against the racist Arizona law. Self serving politicial machines with a self serving candidate.

Kendall Voter

Luis Maurice's friends are funny.

B Rodriguez

Who better to stick up for the working class and the community than a member of it. Luis Meurice is and will be that man.

Manolo Malanga


Luis Meurice is a nice guy, but it looks like he's got GarCorp International's one-man show behind him and doing his "Joe-bashing" dirty work for him.

El Que Manda Aqui Soy Yo

I saw Gus Garcia a couple of months ago around the holidays..

He was at Dadeland Mall in a red suit with with children sitting on his laps. I guess that's his part-time job when he isn't merging his one-man conglomerate with NewsCorp and Ted Turner.

Pepe Papalotes

Joe's da man...GO JOE GO!!!

WTF is Gus Garcia?

Isn't he that loser party activist that looks like Rob Reiner?



There is an old say "THE TRUTH HURTS".
May be that's why you feel intimidated by Luis meurice. A Brother from Miami, that has been living and sharing the good and bad with all of us; A man that listen to you and deprives him self to help anyone in the community.
A man than i seen helping people in need without hesitation.
Joe Garcia promises the sun and the moon just to make it to the top; but we all know once there, he soon will forget, who help him to get there.


Joe Garcia,
You don't know the people, you don't know the issues of the working class, you don't know Jack.


We need a man of the people who can speak for the people. Vote Luis Meurice all the way!


to everyone, just make sure to keep the issues at heart and the people's best interests in mind when you're voting in November.


We need someone in Washington who will stand up for the little guy and worker's rights, not Garcia.

Civis americanus sum

Luis Meurice doesn't even speak English.


Love Joe, glad to see he's in the race.


Joe is a prince of a guy with proven leadership skills. He is a man of the people with tons of community activist experience. Joe will make us very proud of him.


How many different names did Luis post under?


It's not Luis that's posting this. It's his fat loser unemployed friend Gus Garcia.

maria fernandez

yes luis does speak english, he just doesn't know how to articulate, he needs some professional help. if he wants to run for office he should first look at his past and then decide where to go.


Who better to stick up for the working class and the community than a member of it. B Rodriguez is and will be that man


Luis not speak English Jajajajajajajajajajaja

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