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Kendrick Meek: Crist only cares about self preservation

The Florida Democrat on Charlie Crist's change of heart on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," "This is not about being independent, it's being about whatever way the wind blows for his own personal gain."

Noting similar shifts on oil drilling and the education bill, Meek says, "As far as I can tell the only thing that Charlie Crist stands for from one day to the next is his own self preservation. That's not the kind of leadership that Florida needs."


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Shucking and Jiving Chucles is a plain old windblown wafflebutt.

Denny R. Wood

Meek seems to want to focus on Crist, rather than people in his own primary. It is hard to cast stones at people with positive attributes like Maurice Ferre, who does not carry the negative Miami-Dade baggage of his momma's highly questionable consulting contracts with shady developers, both Meek's involvement with our shady developer Stackhouse, who is in deep legal trouble including Meek's aide getting financial assistance on recycled taxpayers money that is still owing to the County. Maurice Ferre has climbed 6% in the polls and Meek must feel Maurice Ferre creeping up on him in the polls. Goodbye Meek and Hello Ferre!
www.ferre2010.com. Ferre has had many elections and won. He is smart and will run hard with little special interest money in the war chest. Meek is bought up with special interest money. www.dennywood.net

True Blue

Kendrick Meek is the LAST person that should be casting stones about "self preservation"

If Momma didn't give him his seat, he'd still be swinging baggage at MIA.


So is Kendrick and he's also out for money for him or his mom.

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