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Klein says West has 'radical and dangerous views'

Congressman Ron Klein's campaign hasn't said much publicly so far about Republican rival Allen West, a retired lieutenant colonel who is making waves nationally as a blunt-talking black GOPer who has raised $2 million in a white-majority coastal Broward/Palm Beach district.

Some political observers expect that Klein is saving his ammunition for September and October, but he sent a strongly worded email to potential supporters Thursday criticizing West. In the email, he calls West "Palin-esque" -- a reference to Sarah Palin that West might embrace since she endorsed him.

"Make no mistake: my opponent isn't simply attempting to bring his radical and dangerous views to Congress - he's attempting to make himself a national figure and leader of the Republican party.

With the recent announcement that 2012 GOP Convention will be in Florida, the Washington Post suggested that Allen West could be a potential keynote speaker. The National Republican Congressional Committee is already supporting West, a self-declared "right-wing extremist."

This the same person who has said, "I hate big-tent. I hate inclusiveness. And I hate outreach." He has literally encouraged physical intimidation as a political tactic - saying this to supporters about me: "You've got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house."

Help us make sure that the only seat Allen West gets at the convention is in the audience."

We will blog West's response when we hear back from his campaign.



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He also said:
-"I plan to beat you like you stole something dear to me!"
-"If you're here to stand up-to get your musket, to fix your bayonet, to charge into the ranks-you're my brother and sister in this fight
-He suggested the tea party fight against a Chicago politician like Obama in the Chicago style that's described in The Untouchables: "They send one of yours to the hospital. You send one of theirs to the morgue."
-"The time has come to regain the initiative, to beat back the attack of the liberal progressives."
Don't forget West was relieved of his military command for overseeing the beating/interrogation of an Innocent civilian Iraqi Policeman. He threatened to kill the detained individual and fired a gun multiple times next to his head while he was held face first in a sand filled barrel used for clearing weapons. The detained individual was released 45 days later and West admitted to the NYT "It's possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi."
During a closed-door tribunal in the town of Tikrit, West was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and a single count of communicating a threat. The ruling was issued after West pleaded guilty to misconduct. When disciplinary proceedings were commenced against West, senior congressional Republicans intervened aggressively to protect him. The result: instead of facing punishment that could have included prison time, West got off with a fine, a reprimand and early departure from the service. He he was fined $5,000 for misconduct and assault and then allowed to resign from the military.
Read all about it: http://nowestfl22.blogspot.com
By pandering to the national right wing media circus West has raised almost a third of campaign funds out of state in a deliberate attempt to subvert the DEMOCRATIC will of the electorate of District 22 Florida.



"Give me that damn gavel"

West Palm Jeff

The liberals are throwing everything they have at Col.West because they can't destroy him...America has gotten wise to the Alinsky tactics and they won't work against Col. West...Klein voted for Obamacare & is one of the Pelosi-Reid sheep that are filling their pockets & destroying the country...Klein needs to be voted out...GO WEST 2010!!!!!

Palm Beach Bella

NOWEST blogger = total nut job...

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