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Legislators give governor some big-time homework

As Gov. Charlie Crist boarded a jet and headed to Miami Friday, the Florida Legislature did something it rarely does: it flooded his desk with a boat-load of bills. At least 63 of them at last count. Forcing him -- and his staff -- to work some big-time overtime to get through them all by they time they must be signed or become law in 15 days.

Normally, legislators take their time when sending bills to the governor, allowing him and his staff ample time to review it.


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another example of the small-minded, petty House.


Had the Governor and his staff been involved in the process, as is standard, the contents of these bills would be no mystery, and no overtime would be required.


Jane, unless you work in the Governor's office, you don't really have a clue what the Governor's staff does not does not know. Dummy.

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Please consider joining Facebook page urging Governor Crist to veto despicable HB 1143.


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