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Marco Rubio on an oil drilling buffer for Florida: "I haven't taken a firm position on that"

Marco Rubio says he hasn't taken a "firm position" on how far away oil rigs should be kept from Florida's coastline.

"I'm open to the experts in that regard," he told reporters at a press avail in DC before an interview with the conservative magazine Human Events. "The goal is not buffers, the goal is energy policy that's safe and effective. Clearly, no one wants to see this ever happen again. And I've not heard anyone say you can not safely drill for oil because there are thousands of rigs drilling even as we speak, that are not leaking, that are not causing this ecological disaster. Clearly this was caused by something that went wrong and the question is what went wrong..."

 "I don't view this from a mileage standpoint, I view this from an energy standpoint," he said. "The question is: "Should the United States have access to all of its energy resources and the answer to me is yes. It has to be done in a way that's safe and clearly not destructive to your environment, to your ecology, or to your economy."

Rubio is in town for 7 "finance related events," his campaign says, fundraisers (South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint) and meetings with potential donors.


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True Blue

Is this the same Marco Rubio that promised to take a stand so we, the voters, could make a choice???????

Marco, you're TOAST!!!!

David L. Wylie

Mr. Rubio is also keeping his views on social issues 'close to the vest' but many of us know what he believes. Consider this, Marco Rubio will be Flexing his Right-Wing Muscles By Headlining Anti-Gay Dinner as the Keynote Speaker in Orlando on May 15th. For details visit here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/waymon-hudson/marco-rubio-flexes-right_b_565798.html?show_comment_id=46676649#comment_46676649

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