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McCollum lobbied for witness who hired Rentboy escort

In defending the state's gay adoption ban, Attorney General Bill McCollum personally lobbied then-DCF Secretary Bob Butterworth to hire expert witness George Reckers, who is now emboriled in an online gay prostitute scandal.

In a July 2007 letter to Butterworth, McCollum writes that his staff members "strongly recommend" Reckers as a witness. "They believe that this expert and his testimony are necessary to ensure a successful result in this case."

McCollum said yesterday, ""I wouldn’t do it again if I knew what I know today, but I didn't know that then and neither did anybody else."

Download Rekers request


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Rentboy? Isn't that what many of our politicians are for the special interest lobbists? Whether they get paid off with campaign cash or voter block support, don't the pols rent themselves out?

Seth Platt

Lets not forget Rekers also testified that Native Americans are unfit or 'at risk' parents for adoption.


So he is willing to sued the federal government to deny Floridians Health care, but he will not jump in to sued British Petroleum on behalf of Floridians.....hummmm.... and he will spend over $100,ooo hard earned tax money on this escort hiring expert....hummmm

David L. Wylie

With the injection of the Tea Party Inquisition to rid the Republican Party of all RINOs (Republican in Name Only), the battle for political power in Florida grows ever perilous for anyone not far left or far right. Bill McCollum defended the Florida anti-gay adoption ban for political purposes alone. He thought Rekers' expertise would add credibility to his case. It didn't. Now US Senate Candidate & Tea Party darling Marco Rubio is using the same tactics, appealing to the ultra-right. This Saturday, Rubio will serve as Keynote Speaker at an Orlando dinner honoring vitriolic anti-gay pastor Don Wildmon http://huff.to/ccqTLl Let's pray Florida Citizens will vote for the best candidates for ALL its citizens in the upcoming elections.

Charles Fetters

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