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McCollum's Rick Scott problem

Scottportrait Anyone noticing how often Rick Scott for governor ads are popping up on TV? The latest one can be seen here. According to one tracking report, Scott has spent more than $4.73 million on TV and radio through May 14 in every market.  That's more money spent in one month than front-runner Bill McCollum has raised in 12 months.

Even a little-known, rookie candidate who has to explain how he led a company fined $1.7 million for Medicare and Medicaid fraud has to be taken very seriously when he's on track to spend more than $25 million in the primary.

It's interesting to contrast the McCollum campaign response to Scott -- publicly ignore him -- with the Kendrick Meek Senate campaign, which immediately started publicly hitting billionaire primary rival Jeff Greene over his controversial business background.

UPDATE: The McCollum campaign responds: "Bill McCollum enjoys broad support from Floridians across the state and is running on his strong record of leadership and experience. He is the one candidate in this race equipped to tackle Florida’s serious economic challenges. He recently rolled out an economic agenda that will create 500,000 jobs in six years. Rick Scott is a relatively unknown candidate that will have to answer some very serious questions about his history if he is to be viewed as a credible candidate."




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Jim Varian

1.7 billion


This is proof that the people should never believe the TV ads,they are only intended to foul,to confuse.to sell something.We The People should ask all candidates to spend maximum $ 100,00 for paper and a pen and write their PLAN .in this form " I so and so will do this and this if you vote for me ".They will be elected for 3 years but if they fail the boot immediately.the voters will know what they can expect. No more hot air like they are used to blow,no more deceptions only clear and sincere talk.

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