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Meek still the third wheel in Senate race

Looks like U.S. Senate candidates Charlie Crist (NPA) and Marco Rubio (REP) will hog the national media glare tomorrow morning. Crist will be on CNN's "State of the Nation" and MSNBC's "Meet the Press." Rubio is doing "State of the Nation" as well as "FOX News Sunday.'' 

Kendrick Meek (DEM)? You can catch him on WPLG-Channel 10's worthwhile "This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney."


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Well, of course. What ordinary folks know, but the national press (right, left, and center) won't ever admit--being the racists they are, by still thinking voters are too racist too elect the black man--is that the press nazis have already decided that the Florida Senate race can only be a real fight between whitey in the middle and brownie on the right.


That's hilarious...poor Kendrick. No one cares about him, and they shouldn't. Jeff Greene is much more interesting.


Beth you love writing about Rubio as much as they are salivating about reporting about the split in the Republican party between the extreme right wing Rubio fanatics and the more moderate Republicans. MEEK is not a third wheel, the story is just about the Republican split ticket this week. That is an unnecessary shot at Kendrick. I expect better from you.

BJ Chiszar

ATTN: Whasup and Nona: Cry Cry Cry...Kendrick is a disgrace...he has no chance what so ever...those that think otherwise are just plain dumb...you obviously know nothing about politics!
BJ Chiszar
Former Chair-Miami Dade Democratic Party


Wow, BJ, tell us what you really think? How about Joe Garcia? He's gonna lose too right? Has a primary, bad time to be a dem...give us your expert insight.

True Blue

The meek may inherit the earth, but this Meek will never inherit the Fl. Senate seat.

Crist for US. Senate


Seth Platt

KENDRICK MEEK IS NOT DISGRACE BJ. He is a former FL Highway Patrol Officer who in one year recorded more DUI arrests than any other. He continually fights for the average citizen and Floridian while RUBIO and CHRIST pander to the RICH and PRIVILEGED.
If you want to get tough BJ, bring it right here. I will gladly show you how corrupt and inept both conservative candidates are.
I got yours right here PUNK.
Next time you want to pick on a woman, who is actually right in her assessment, why don't you stop to think how it only reinforces the abusive and disgusting politics of the GOP.

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