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No yea or nay from David Rivera on contentious Arizona immigration law

State Rep. David Rivera did not support or oppose a controversial immigration law in Arizona Tuesday, despite pressure from Democrat Joe Garcia, his likely opponent in a congressional race, that he take a position.

"The law is a distraction from the real solutions that are required to solve the immigration problem," such as securing the border and developing a viable guest-worker program, said Rivera, a Miami Republican and the House budget chief who is running for the seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.

"A lot of what's going on in Arizona happens in practice already throughout the nation," Rivera added. "When police officers do a legal stop and they run the information or the data or the name and they find the person is here illegally, they immediately interface with federal immigration authorities."

Other Florida Republicans running for higher office, like Attorney General Bill McCollum and Marco Rubio, a close Rivera ally, balked at Arizona's initial law.

But they supported a change to outlaw ethnic and racial profiling by police -- though critics say without any clearly defined criteria, police will be forced to base their suspicions about a person's legal status on their nationality or language skills. (More on Rubio's position here.)

Rivera wouldn't elaborate on either version of the law: "The more you focus on the Arizona law, the less you focus on what congressional leaders need to do to solve the problem," he said.


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The Darth Vader of Cuban politics speaks. The question is not whether to secure the border with Mexico. The question the press should ask is how Darth proposes to do that. Obviously, what we are trying ain't working.

But the press is more interested in trying to nail a candidate down on one side or the other of a false dichotomy, because it helps them sell soap--a false dichotomy that they perpetuate if not actually create.

Instead, the press should press for useful information like how Rivera would secure the border. Do your 1st amendment job, idiots, before we decide you don't warrant that Constitutional imprimatur.

Kendall Voter

Typical politician answer from a typical politician like David Rivera. Answer the question you jerk. The law in Arizona has nothing to do with stopping illegal immigration, it is about being anti-Hispanic. The sheriff's there have said they won't enforce it because it is ridiculous.

Maybe David Rivera is too young to remember the English only law in Miami in the 1980's, that was the same kind of anti-Cuban crap that is happening in Arizona today.

the Dagger

Secure the border and problem goes away.

Kendall Voter....your a jerk

The Bear Party

I got myself into some trouble in Arizona recently...


The Dagger, I agree with you. Learn English though. YOU'RE* a jerk.

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