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Is Gaetz right about the oil spill response ads?

There's no oil on Florida's beaches. And the state's tourism department wants you to know that. How are they going to tell you? With these two TV ads. One, embedded below, began running in major southeast markets such as Atlanta, Houston and Raleigh on Saturday. A second spot will begin running Thursday.

These ads were produced using $2.5 million in emergency tourism funding. Another $25 million from BP will pay for new spots, as well as wider distribution.

Reaction? Ask Sen. Don Gaetz, a Niceville Republican: “Those spots were e-mailed to me and others. I looked at them, and I must say that they were of exceedingly poor quality, and there is no Northwest Florida emphasis."

Gov. Charlie Crist wasn’t exactly blown away by the quality either: “They can always be better, there’s no question about it.”

Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson also described the ads as "generic:" "To me, looking at what you had was great, but it's like looking at an orange juice commercial that was cut two years ago and is still running today."


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This ad is absolutely stupid. The tourism problem and impending tax revenue hit (for the state budget) is only one of people not coming to the beaches--and particularly to those in the Florida panhandle.

The ads needed should show the beaches there: Pensacola, Navarre, Destin, Panama City, etc. with NO OIL ON THEM.

They should point out that right now, the rates are cheap and there are no crowds. It's the perfect time to visit northwest Florida beaches.


Dumb article- wow it's like saying- come see our slideshow, $2.5 Million dollar advertisement which tells you to go to the everglades and south Florida!!!!! Are you kidding.. Visit Florida really blew this one.


also- go to our website- not to our beautiful pristine Northwest Florida beaches! Really?

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