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Poll: Americans not thrilled with oil spill response

From the Pew Research Center: "Public evaluations of the response to the crisis are largely negative. Americans are particularly critical of the way BP ...has handled the leak. More than four-in-ten (44%) say BP has done a poor job....An additional 26% rate BP’s performance as “only fair” while just 19% say the energy company has done an excellent or good job. The current ratings reflect growing criticism of BP since earlier this month, when about a quarter of Americans (27%) rated BP’s performance as poor.

"Views of the Obama administration’s response to the oil leak are more measured, although also critical. About a quarter (26%) rate the administration’s response as poor, while 31% say its response has been “only fair;” 31% say the administration has done an excellent or good job responding to the crisis.

"There is little partisan difference when it comes to criticism of BP’s job dealing with the crisis. Pluralities of Republicans (43%), Democrats (49%) and independents (42%) say the company’s response has been poor. Although few rate BP’s performance as excellent or good, Republicans are more likely than both Democrats and independents to evaluate BP’s performance positively (25% vs. 14% of Democrats and 17% of independents).

"In contrast, partisans are more divided in their evaluations of the Obama administration’s handling of the oil leak. While about half of Democrats (48%) say the administration has done an excellent or good job responding to the crisis, just 27% of independents and 13% of Republicans give positive assessments. Roughly four-in-ten Republicans (44%) say the administration has done a poor job, about the same proportion that give BP a poor rating (43%). By comparison, 29% of independents rate the administration’s performance poorly, as do just 11% of Democrats."


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Two Comments:
1. The world needs to protest how BP has handled the oil spill in the Gulf--STOP driving, use alternative transportation such as riding bicks, walk or take public transportation.
2. And because othe the oil spill in the Gulf the US government now hold all the cards to push for renewable energy(s). If they would try harder for energy reform they would create jobs. What are they waitng for???? "The squeeky wheel gets the grease."


Who would be responsible had this been a terrorist attack on the Oil Rigs in the Gulf, the victims?

Who would be responsible for cleanup had this been a leak at a nuclear power plant, Progress Energy?

This is what FEMA was created for, not housing hurrican victims, but crisis control and management. Having the Government sit back and watch only shows the entire World just how vulnerable and ill prepared the US really is.

It is the Governments Responsibility to step-in and protect America and its enviroment when business has failed to meet their obligation. It's BP's responsibility to pay for it.


The oil leak is an environmental and health catastrophe. What makes it worse is we are into this for over 30 days and BP is attempting to stop the leak with procedures that have never been tried before at these depths. The fact there isn't an immediate contingency plan to cap the leak shows lack of substantial performance by all parties.

Considering Mr. Obama has stated health costs could bankrupt the US Government, who is representing the toxic load and those costs? This is the problem when self interests take precedence over public. We have a 100% toxicity ratio in newborns and it means cancers from conception. We have reproductive problems as a species and 100% toxicity ratio, what happens when a species can't reproduce anymore? Here is a link, scroll down to the picture of the fetus where you can link on the study of polluted newborns. http://www.thermoguy.com/medical.html

I have an engineering background and another certification in electrical energy provision. The work we do globally is qualified science that is taught in academia. How on earth did this disaster ever get out of hand where BP is reporting a 60 to 70 percent success rate in there next attempt? What kind of engineering is that? Imagine using an elevator, driving or flying with a 60% chance of success?

There needs to be an inquiry into this process and find out what allowed drilling without a process to address any worst case scenario. There is no secret landfill in space and what we do on the planet needs to be recycled or it will cycle through us.

Collectively the job isn't getting done and they are engineering on the run? Someone really screwed up and the financial players need to understand science before policy without exception or you get what you pay for. It breaks my heart to see creatures in our care suffer and be represented with such disregard.


Listen to the Hypocrate Republicans saying now we need BIG GOVERNMENT in charge of everything.....just do your little part and tell the Republicans you voted in to stop blocking the DEMOCRAT efforts to raise the liability of oiul companies from 75 millions to 10 Billions...We The People are going to need that money!!! Hypocrate and Lying Republicans!!!


The REPUBLICANS and their long standing efforts to protect Big Money, particularly Oil People, are MORALLY RESPONSIBLE for this Disaster!!! and they are still protecting them by blocking efforts to raise their liability!!!

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