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Poll: Americans not thrilled with oil spill response

From the Pew Research Center: "Public evaluations of the response to the crisis are largely negative. Americans are particularly critical of the way BP ...has handled the leak. More than four-in-ten (44%) say BP has done a poor job....An additional 26% rate BP’s performance as “only fair” while just 19% say the energy company has done an excellent or good job. The current ratings reflect growing criticism of BP since earlier this month, when about a quarter of Americans (27%) rated BP’s performance as poor.

"Views of the Obama administration’s response to the oil leak are more measured, although also critical. About a quarter (26%) rate the administration’s response as poor, while 31% say its response has been “only fair;” 31% say the administration has done an excellent or good job responding to the crisis.

"There is little partisan difference when it comes to criticism of BP’s job dealing with the crisis. Pluralities of Republicans (43%), Democrats (49%) and independents (42%) say the company’s response has been poor. Although few rate BP’s performance as excellent or good, Republicans are more likely than both Democrats and independents to evaluate BP’s performance positively (25% vs. 14% of Democrats and 17% of independents).

"In contrast, partisans are more divided in their evaluations of the Obama administration’s handling of the oil leak. While about half of Democrats (48%) say the administration has done an excellent or good job responding to the crisis, just 27% of independents and 13% of Republicans give positive assessments. Roughly four-in-ten Republicans (44%) say the administration has done a poor job, about the same proportion that give BP a poor rating (43%). By comparison, 29% of independents rate the administration’s performance poorly, as do just 11% of Democrats."