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Poll: Rick Scott draws to within 14 points of Bill McCollum.

Rick Scott is closing in on Bill McCollum, making the Republican race a 38-24-7 contest, with Lakeland Sen. Paula Dockery in the single digits.


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Not Cool

If there is a poll that shows him within 8 points of McCullom you should let us know. Both you and the SPT dropped the story. That's not right at all, we should have the chance to look at it and for our on opinions.

Marc Caputo

Here's what happened, Not Cool: A TV station broke an embargo and posted all the results. We then posted the results. The pollster than persuaded the TV station to cancel its post. We then did the same. The results are up now, because word leaked out anyway to the Palm Beach Post and Times-Union. So we reposted on Saturday morning.

It's not like you weren't going to see the poll. It's a question of timing. Also, it's not an 8-point spread. It's 14.


Rick Scott will not answer difficult questions about his past on Facebook and bans those who post information exposing past and present business dealings.


Rick Scott is another white collar crook who managed to take the money and run...for Governor of Florida...YUCK! He was part of the biggest Medicare fraud case EVER and bilked the government out of billions of dollars! Check out the Columbia Health Care fraud case. He's as slick as his shiny bald head. No wonder he has so much money for tacky ads...he stole it from all of the hard working, tax paying Americans. BEWARE!!!!

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