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President Obama and Charlie Crist, a handshake and a pat on the back, but no hug

CNN has been waiting for President Barack Obama for more than an hour -- showing just an empty mic stand fronting the water. Now people are gathering, including Charlie Crist, who stood just to Obama's left.

"This is our highest priority," Obama said, making his second trip to Louisiana amid criticism that his administration hasn't been as involved as it should be. He said he's instructed officials to triple the number of responders in areas where oil has reached land.

"I would gladly do whatever it takes to end this disaster today," Obama said, pledging to Gulf Coast residents that the government is in for the long haul. "We're in this together," he said.

There was no repeat of the famed hug, but Crist did give Obama a double-handed arm grab and a pat on the back.


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gladys  bernier

I dont think is a big deal if Crist shake hands with the President of the United States, remember we are american we needs to united and give an example to the world.

Florida Independent Voter

Crist GRANDSTANDING for votes as usual!

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