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President Obama's joke about Charlie Crist

President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight:

"Odds are the Salahi's are here. There haven't been people more unwelcome at a party since Charlie Crist."

(The crowd gasped and then laughed.)


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john duquette

the so called president is a joke.our country is in a world of hell and all he has to say is some friars roast speech.we need a president not another hack comedian.he did tell some truth tonight with his joke about the hidden laws/loopholes in health care reform.


Hey, it was funny. Lighten up.


Our very capable President is cleaning up eight years of foolish from the GOP that nearly brought this country to its knees.


Capable of what??? Capable of destroying the USA? Capable of taxing us more? Capable of taking away our rights? The USA has become a toilet since this very "capable" president has taken over. Can't wait until the next vote.

Richard Paul Dembinsky

As a former candidate against Charlie Crist in 2006 Gubernatorial race I fully support Honorable Crist because being an independent takes the best R ideas and combines with the never able to work D ideas and gives an independent opinion that may work but if it doesn't oh well it was a good try. No Action is not government. Saving the Economy will be job one and if we finally discover life on the moon (or a USA Flag) that will be the result of an independent view of same. ENJOY! onballot dot com

Anne Fordham

Charlie Crist is a flip flopper first class--including his party affiliation. Just a few days before he changed to Independent, he was on Fox News declaring that the would be in the race to the end as a Republican. However, with his infatuation with and love of Obama political policies, he should have switched to the Democrat party. Go Rubio!

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