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UPDATE: Pro-drilling lawmaker John Mica has a new name for the mess in the Gulf: the Obama Oil Spill

Florida Republican John Mica -- once the only Florida lawmaker to back drilling off the Florida coast -- came up with a new name today for the spill in the Gulf: the Obama Oil Spill.

"In the month of April, the nation lost 29 miners and 11 oil rig workers in two avoidable disasters," Mica said at a hearing. "Federal agencies failed and federal actions failed to prevent these disasters. While this hearing is intended to cast blame on BP oil executives, the failure of the federal government in leading up to this disaster must also be documented. I have carefully researched the timetable of the Obama Oil Spill...

"We must responsibly utilize our offshore energy resources to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil," Mica said. "We can do this safely but we must insure better oversight by the federal government and industry."

Mica's opponent, Heather Beaven, took him to task for his remarks, saying she found it "ironic" that Mica "attempted to blame the oil spill on the President when it was Mica who has taken over $60,000 from Big Oil
since he was elected to Congress in 1992." And she notes one of his brother's lobbies for oil.


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I am a Conservative Republican from Kendall and I don't know where to start. I was listening to Rush and I heard this same line of thinking. This is why my family except for me now votes for the Democrat party, for Indies or not at all. I know what these Republican "leaders" think they are doing. It is so Atwater-Rove-Luntz "smart" to blame everything on your enemies and rename the consequences of your policies/ideas/philosophy on our idealogical opponents but it also drives away the kind of Conservatives that can see through this kind of spin. Then all you are left with are base voters who ARE INSANE. I feel sorry for my Party.

Anne Tyler

No...but a good try...Mr. Mica it's YOUR REPUBLICAN OIL SPILL...all of others that wanted to drill off the coast..close to shore!


Vote this idiot out of office. We need leaders, not Big Oil lap dogs who are paid to lie to their constituents.

Seth Platt

What an F'n joke. John you and you're brother Dave are in BED with The OIL INDUSTRY.
You have received Oil & Gas $9,500 in 2009-2010 from Oil & Gas Lobbyists http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/industries.php?cycle=2010&cid=N00002793&type=I

Your Brother David R. Mica is approaching his 22nd year with the Florida Petroleum Council, a division of the American Petroleum Institute, representing over 400 companies in all aspects of the oil & gas industry.

The lack of truth and ethics in blaming democrats for this spill is egregious.
We are the only ones calling for oversight, protections, and moratoriums, while you line your campaign coffers.
You obviously don't know the meaning of the word Responsible.
I will gladly help anyone who campaigns against your moral corruption.


Why do we have these garbage, non-ethical people still employed in our government? The American people are not STUPID Johnny... stop lying in our face. We need leaders that work for the people, not pretenders that work for big companies with lots of money... we need honesty back in government - and Johnny... YOU ARE NOT IT! Get OUT!!!!


Ummm... Who allowed BP to drill without safety measures? Ummm... Bush/Cheney?

If the oil must go anywhere it needs to go Texas, Alabama, and Louisianna. They want it! Let them have it. Smart Floridians are anti-drilling.


I voted for Obama and am going to become an Independent after the primary. While I don't blame Obama for this spill, I blame him for not doing more to stop it and to prevent other inevitable mishaps and disasters. I will be blaming him for future spills.


Florida is a dollar drying out State..we need drilling money,controlled and supervised, forcing the big companies to invest in our ecosystem by law...

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