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Republicans prepare to attack Obama on oil spill, with George LeMieux leading the charge?

US News and World Report says Republicans are "readying an assault on the administration's handling of the crisis which some compare to former Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina."

Taking the lead, the mag says, Florida Republican LeMieux, who in a video press release Tuesday called for support for the administration, but not without noting, "there are those who are casting blame on British Petroleum, there are those who are casting blame on the government. There will be time for that. Whether or not the government has done a proper job of getting on this problem from Day One, as we're hearing..."


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Seth Platt

I will crucify you George, this is a bad move. Your party is the one to blame in all of this.
Republicans know this issue will sink them in the fall and are desperately trying to point fingers in any other direction than at those who willfully allowed BIG OIL to run our foreign policy and shirk safety standards.
Dems have been out front for years on this, Obama tried to give Repugs and olive branch to pass climate change legislation, and it was obviously a bad idea because the party of NO will not budge or do anything constructive.
Bring it Georgie, I will fill the Winn Dixie shopping plaza in front of your office with protesters if you go there.


minimal form of government is a necessary evil. However, all government spreads from its benign roots, transforming itself into an all-encompassing cancer, devouring the wealth of its citizens and enslaving them. Only by understanding the nature of government can we achieve freedom and prosperity.


et tu LeMieux?

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