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Rick Scott beating Alex Sink?

A new Rasmussen poll suggests Democrat CFO Alex Sink is so weak that Republican newcomer Rick Scott might beat her in a theoretical matchup. From the polling company:

"Scott, who is challenging McCollum for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, is already competitive with Sink. He picks up 41% of the vote to Sink’s 40%. Seven percent (7%) like another candidate, while 12% are undecided. However, it is difficult to project how a newcomer will perform as a campaign unfolds."

The numbers, which Rasmussen attributes to Scott's recent ad blitz, are at least intriguing, and perhaps questionable. First off, for some reason, there doesn't appear to be a theoretical matchup between Scott and Republican Bill McCollum. Also, it seems that Rasmussen's polls skew a little conservative, and we're not clear about how the pollster set his screen to catch "likely" voters. Lastly, the Rasmussen surveys are robo-polls (as opposed to real live humans calling and talking to real live humans), so that may influence the results (lots of debate among pollsters over that).

All that said, the numbers sure are interesting. More here