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Rick Scott's no-sense-of-humor ad

Memo to Rick Scott. If you want to bash someone for having a sense of humor in an ad, you might want to reconsider running it during a comedy show. The Republican for governor probably didn't intend to do that during Saturday Night Live when he ran his latest spot taking President Obama to task for cracking jokes at the expense of Arizona and its immigration law. Unmentioned by the ad: Obama made the jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner. It's a venue where you're supposed to crack jokes.

The fact that the ad popped up during SNL (just saw it on DVR last night, hence the lateness of the post) was probably coincidence and a function of Scott's estimated $6.3m ad buy... and counting. The millionaire is spending so much of his own cash that it's inevitable his ads will pop up anywhere. Speaking of Saturdays, is the immigration-related ad running on Sabado Gigante as well?


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Except that Obama doesn't have a sense of humor either. Behind the waning charm is a mean-spirited, eogtistical, prideful little man.


Didn't you watch Scotts commercial, the Presidents statement is very humorus.
(Behind the waning charm is a mean-spirited, eogtistical, prideful little man)
this sounds more like a statement about Rick Scott !

George Fuller

Sink just came out with an an attack ad on Scott and McCullom's gang immediately distributed it.

Neither Sink, McCullom or Dockery have word one regarding illegal immigration on their websites.

Absolutely, the republican and democrat candidates, tired political hacks, have the fesces scared out of them because Scott is actually willing to talk about real issues....

And they haven't a clue on how to respond since both parties have ignored illegal immigration for over a decade.

The republicans have been happy to allow businesses to use the illegala for cheap labor while the dems keep eyeing the illegals as undocumented democrats.

Listen up.......there are going to be some fresh faces in political offices who owe no allegiance to the status quo.

nevada del rio

A minimal form of government is a necessary evil. However, all government spreads from its benign roots, transforming itself into an all-encompassing cancer, devouring the wealth of its citizens and enslaving them. Only by understanding the nature of government can we achieve freedom and prosperity.

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