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Ron Klein: Dangerous hurricane season predicted, what's the oil spill effect?

Federal officials and scientists predict a "busy and dangerous hurricane season, with the potential to be one of the most active seasons on record," the Boca Democrat's office said.

Klein, who recently joined a NOAA research mission flying over the oil spill, said he questioned what
impact a major storm would have on the oil spill, and if it would carry the black tar to the South Florida coast.

"In addition to the risks we face every year from major storms, this year, we also have to contend with the massive oil spill in the Gulf," Klein said. "The data we collected on a research mission flying over the spill clearly indicates that massive amounts of oil could be lurking under the surface of the water. My nightmare scenario is for a major hurricane to churn up that underwater oil and bring it to the coast of South Florida.'

Klein said he urged NOAA "to use every single available resource to monitor and track this spill both above and below the surface. The only way South Florida can be prepared is if we know when, where and how much oil we’re really dealing with, not by relying on a pathetically low estimate provided by BP."


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