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Rubio calls spill 'horrifying' but still supports offshore drilling

Marco Rubio called the oil spill a "horrifying" ecological and environmental problem but said it should not derail plans for more domestic oil production.

“The issue of offshore drilling is not going away because America and the world depends heavily on petroleum products," the Republican U.S. Senate candidate told the Times/Herald this morning.

"No serious policy maker will tell you that after alternative energy, America can become energy independent in the near future. We hope to get there. I believe in that. But in the short term, there’s the reality about how dependent we and the world are on petroleum, whether we like it or not. We’ve got to answer the question about how dependent on foreign sources we’re willing to become."

Rubio said the immediate focus must be on mitigating the damage and investigating the cause of problem but on oil drilling, "I ultimately think that still has to be part of our overall energy strategy."

-- Alex Leary


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