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Rubio likes AZ immigration law after all

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio's campaign says he's been "consistent" on the new Arizona law that aims to crack down on illegal immigration. He didn't like the law when it was first passed, but some amendments made it something he can get behind.

But the changes don't appear to have eliminated the shortcomings Rubio laid out when he first addressed the law at an April 27 event in West Miami.

Not carrying immigration papers -- the provision that Rubio said evoked a "police state'' -- remains a crime.  Rubio's concern about the police questioning someone based on a "reasonable suspicion'' of illegal status? Still there. And still no explanation of what an illegal immigrant is supposed to look like.

The law's prominent opponents -- including Rubio's political mentor and one of his most important backers, former Gov. Jeb Bush  -- remain prominent opponents.

In contrast, Rubio said one thing to a bilingual group of reporters in West Miami and something different to a Washington website where one regular columnist asked recently, "What's Wrong With Racial Profiling Anyway?''

Full column here.