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Scott Maddox firm sues BP over oil spill

You knew it was going to happen. The growing oil spill in the gulf has spawned a number of lawsuits against BP. One class action lawsuit, on behalf of eight Panhandle fishermen and seafood restaurants, is suing the oil company and Transocean, which managed the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Fun fact: One of the attorneys listed on the suit works at Maddox Horne law firm in Tallahassee, home of Scott Maddox, the leading Democratic candidate for Agriculture Commissioner. He’s not listed personally, but Maddox’s views on the oil spill are well known.

From the suit: "The oil slick has caused and will continue to cause harmful effects to Florida’s and the United States’ marine and coastal environments, and their contiguous environs, which will severely impact activities Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated rely on for income, such as, but not limited to, commercial fishing, seafood processing, distribution and consumption, and tourism and tourism related activities."

Download Oil spill complaint


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Seth Platt

BP will shirk its financial responsibility in this incident.
Mark my words we will all $pay$ for this accident.
As a society we are somewhat culpable by our complicity and acceptance of reliance on fossil fuels.
Florida is one of the most special places on the entire Planet.
It is our duty as Floridians to pass this treasure into the next generation without destroying it.


I can't download the link. Is it just me or the link is really broken. Can you send me some alternative links to download the oil spill complaint?


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