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Sink calls for feds to takeover oil cleanup

With the oil still gushing unabated, CFO Alex Sink is asking President Barack Obama to take control of the Gulf cleanup efforts. "Floridians want to know: Where is the Federal government’s leadership?" she wrote in a letter to the White House. "Why must a small business owner looking for assistance through this crisis have to work through BP – why isn’t the Federal government handling claims of lost income and revenue, and interfacing with BP on behalf of Florida’s citizens?

Sink, a Democrat, asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar or Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to brief the Cabinet tomorrow. (Or a future meeting, given the less-than-24-hour notice.)

Meanwhile, her potential Democratic gubernatorial rival Bud Chiles is demanding the state cut the involvement of a private firm, WRSCompass, who is helping counties makes oil disaster plans. “The very idea that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has delegated one of its most basic responsibilities to a private company with questionable credentials should be appalling to our citizens," he said in a statement through a PR agency. "The fact that this firm numbers oil companies among its clients raises serious questions about whether it can be trusted to work in the public interest."


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Dannavan Morrison

There are Manufacturing companies with "smart sponges" that can cleanup the oil leak in the gulf. The government needs to act now to force BP to buy samples of this prodcut to see how effective this technique is. It does not destroy the coral life! The hurricane season is upon us! We need to act now to prevent a major disaster .

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