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Sink turns to Fort Lauderdale for new pr director

 Alex Sink's campaign for governor has hired Stephen Gaskill as its communications director.

Gaskill, who owns a home in Fort Lauderdale and has been active in gay and Democratic circles for decades, said he'll be based out of headquarters in Tampa.

We asked Gaskill why would Sink, who is trying to portray herself as a moderate, choose a director to oversee policy, press and research known as a gay liberal?

"It's a large diverse state with a lot of different types of people, I don't think I was hired because I am a
gay man,'' said Gaskill, a member of Broward's leading gay political group Dolphin Democrats. "I think I was hired because I have worked in Florida and national politics.''

Gaskill has worked on a few presidential campaigns including chief of staff to John Kerry's family and was head of the press shop for Al Gore's wife in 1992. Closer to home, he worked on Betty Castor's failed U.S. Senate bid and on County Commissioner Ken Keechl's first race.

Gaskill recently served on a diversity council for Republican Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti.


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