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Sporting events are major campaign expense for Meek

Remember when ProPublica and ABC News targeted members of Congress capitalizing on the Super Bowl to raise campaign cash and caught U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in an uncomfortable spot? At the time, a staffer said the campaign bought 10 tickets at face value for the congressman and his donors, and the proof is in Meek's latest report to the Federal Elections Commission. It shows two payments of $2,000 each to the National Football League and another $5,790 to the Miami Dolphins.

Meek's latest report also shows that he spent nearly $38,000 to sponsor a car at the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Daytona Beach.


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True Blue

Hey, sport.

You're toast !!!


Well, all those racist moderate and especially Democrats supporting that windblown wafflebutt, Shucking and Jiving Chuckles, HOPE Meek is toast.

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