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Talking Heads' David Byrne sues Charlie Crist campaign for $1 million

Cristfrown First Steve Miller, demands that Marco Rubio stop using his classic hit, Take the Money and Run, in a Web ad Byrne bashing Charlie Crist. Now Billboard reports that David Byrne is going after Crist for a Web ad bashing Rubio:

David Byrne is suing the governor of Florida, alleging that he used the Talking Heads' 1985 single "Road to Nowhere" without permission or proper licenses.

Byrne is seeking $1 million in damages from Gov. Charlie Crist, who's also Florida's former Attorney General, and his senatorial campaign for use of the song earlier this year in a website and YouTube ad attacking his then-Republican primary opponent, Marco Rubio. Crist has since changed his campaign and is running as an independent candidate.


-- Adam C. Smith


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Nursing PJs

Nice guitar!! Nice play!!


I love David Byrne, but this is stupid. Just ask him to stop playing your song. Why would you try and sue? Weak.

Cynical Idealist

Suing someone sends a message, John, that you're serious about preserving your artistic integrity. Besides, it did cost Byrne something to engage his lawyer, no sense in not trying to make a buck off of it...

The Gerry T Show

I agree with both John and Cynical Idealist on their opinion about David Byrne suing Charlie Crist.

However, I don't agree entirely with the both of them. I had the pleasure of meeting and drinking wine with David Byrne at a mutual friend of ours birthday party in NYC. He was approachable, down to earth, funny, and quite smart.

With that being said, I agree he's doing the right thing by suing Charlie Crist for the sole reason of.

He doesn't want his brand "Talking Heads" or David Byrne associated with another lying bag of you fill in the blank.

Would you want to be associated with someone who's political,lifestyle, or value system was different from yours.

While using your artwork to endorse their profession without permission or without payment for your artwork? I didn't think so but I had to ask.

In conclusion Charlie Crist was asking to be sued or thought he was above the law when he decided to use David's work without payment or permission.

I thought Charlie Crist attended Law School wasn't he the Attorney General for the State of Florida?? What's wrong with you Charlie? Think, Think, Think...

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