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The end of Good in Hallandale Beach?

Updated: Hallandale Beach Commissioners voted to bring back an item in two weeks that would lead to the firing of City Manager Mike Good.

It may be the end of City Manager Mike Good in Hallandale Beach. The City Commission is currently talking about canning Good who has worked for the city for 25 years -- part of that time as manager.

If the 49-year-old Good is fired, he will get nine months severance and health insurance for himself and his family until he is eligible for Medicare.

Good won't officially be fired today: city officials said he could resign -- which he hasn't offered to do -- or they would set another meeting to vote on firing him.

Commissioners are miffed at Good because they say he has been unresponsive to them and staff and preoccupied with personal problems that Mayor Joy Cooper said included "back problems, cancer, a daughter falling victim to easy access to pain clinics, an ailing grandmother ... and of course the continued stress of dealing with the antics of Commissioner London." 

Commissioner Keith London is the pony-tailed commissioner who has challenged the status quo and often been at odds with Cooper and Good.

Good took a two-week leave to handle family issues, but commissioners said that wasn't enough. He defended himself and said he was in the process of moving to a place a couple minutes from city hall to make himself more accessible. And he said his family issues have been resolved.

"The mayor is right in the fact that I have had a lot of issues," Good said.

Commissioner William Julian questioned why Good hadn't reached out to commissioners in recent days.

"Especially the past few weeks you knew your job was on the line ... yet you didn't reach out to us," Julian said.

Good suggested that he be allowed to stay on and be evaluated again in six months. But Cooper is pushing to move toward firing -- and she got enough votes to proceed.


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Change Hallandale

As if Good's behavior has changed in the past few weeks. He's been exhibiting the same behavior for some time. So the question is, what has changed? My guess: something more official is going to happen and the commissioners want to distance themselves from him before that happens. Stay tuned for the truth to come out.

Chaz Stevens

Antics? If by antics you mean a concerted effort at good governance, then heck, I am all for antics...

Chaz Stevens, Genius

Change Hallandale

Did Cooper really blame the fact that Good is a horrible manager on Keith London? That woman makes everything Keith's fault.

Doesn't anyone else think it's a bit odd that Cooper has supported and stood behind every bad and corrupt decision that Good has made over the past few years and all of a sudden, she can't get ride of him fast enough? I'd agree with Change Hallandale that Good's behavior hasn't really changed, but that of the Mayor definitely has.

Change Hallandale a joke

CHANGE HALLANDALE aka Keith London is referring to himself in the third person. got to love the stupidity. goes along with the irrational behavior. reminds me of the common hood on the street who preys on the old and week to get his point across which is stand against everything and don't suggest an option that helps... nag nag nag nag. whew....

Frank Pascher

How about getting rid of Joy Cooper? She has covered for Good for a long time. That ought to be Bill Julian's and Keith London's next agenda item. I guess it's getting a bit warm at City Hall and a scapegoat is needed!


getting rid of Joy Cooper is a great idea, I will vote for Keith London as Mayor..

Change Hallandale

It would appear someone erroneously posted a comment under Change Hallandale (see the 3rd post above). But I'm quite happy to take credit for the message contained in the post anyway!

HindSight is 2020.

As if this was all there was to know. Dig DEEPER...a LOT deeper. I will be interested to see what happens next and to whom?

Frank Dome

As a past employee, we were shocked when Good was allowed to hire his future son-in-law into a position he created specifically for him. He created the position when the director was on vacation and the man returned to find the a new employee in a job that did not exist before he left. The director officially left and went to the County over this issue. If you remember, he hired John Canada's daughter who had a contract with Southwest Ranches where Mike's wife moonlighted for 100 grand while at the same time serving as the city manager of another city. Real quality public servants and human beings. How could Cooper support his antics and ethics and Ross not vote for his termination. I understand his son-in-law was promoted to a position he was not qualified for and makes $70,000 a year. So much for taking care of your family with taxpayer money.

Lori Baer

Tsk Tsk reporter. Showing our prejudices, are we? The pony tailed commissioner? Is that like the hefty commissioner? The Black commissioner? The elderly commissioner? Where's your editor on that one?

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