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Thrasher said he wouldn't sanction Fasano

With the Pasco County GOP filing a complaint against Republican Sen. Mike Fasano for supporting nonpartisan Charlie Crist, Buzz dug through the notebook to find this interview gem with Party Chairman John Thrasher the day before Crist bolted.

At the time, Thrasher said he wouldn't whipsaw Republicans who didn't shun Crist, despite a previous warning about the party's loyalty oath. And he specifically mentioned Fasano:

Mary Ellen Klas, Times/Herald: How about people that do support (Crist). Will there be repercussions within the party if there are Republicans who stay and support him?

Thrasher: No, I don't think of any (repercussions). I think Sen. Fasano said he is probably going to continue to support him. (Fasano) is my friend. I respect what he's doing. That's his choice.

Klas: And you would support Fasano if he choose to run for something in the future?

Thrasher: Sen. Fasano is my friend.

Given this, it doesn't sound likely Fasano will face sanctions.