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When does Eggelletion head to prison?

Ex-County Commsissioner Josephus Eggelletion was supposed to start his prison term today but the cell doors haven't slammed on him quite just yet.

The federal Bureau of Prisons' online inmate locator shows Eggelletion listed (he's prisoner number 91181-004) but states he is not in BOP custody.

The BOP media relations office said that the U.S. Marshal's provide the registration number when they have someone in their custody or are preparing to do so. But until he physically enters a prison, the date he is expected and the location isn't provided by the BOP.

"He is not in BOP custody yet,'' said Edmond Ross, a BOP spokesman. "I'm sure he is headed our way.'' 

But federal court records offer a hint of Eggelletion's whereabouts: he is listed as a witness for the trial of
Joel Williams, a co-defendant, that started last week. 

Eggelletion pleaded guilty to a money laundering scheme and was sentenced in March to two and a 1/2 years in prison. He couldn't be reached Monday.