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Who spent the most on GOP plastic? Here's the list.

The Republican Party of Florida released 2,452 double-sided pages of credit card statements Friday revealing 31 card holders spent about $7.3 million from January 2007 through March 2010. Below is the list of every card holder and how much they spent. (Do note that the totals only reflect charges starting in 2007, even though many of these officials held American Express cards prior to that date.)

Jim Rimes, former executive director: $2.2 million

Delmar Johnson, former executive director: $1.4 million

Melanie Phister, aide to former Speaker Ray Sansom: $1.2 million

Debbie Bishop, deputy finance director: $694,000

Jim Greer, former chairman: $478,000

Cameron Ulrich, Senate campaigns finance director: $208,000

Carrie Madden, Senate campaigns staffer: $175,000

Ray Sansom, former House speaker: $167,000

Dean Cannon, incoming House speaker: $124,000

Jeremy Collins, special assistant to Greer: $118,000

Carole Jean Jordan, former party chairwoman: $99,000

Marco Rubio, former House speaker: $87,000

Andy Palmer, political affairs: $87,000

Andrew Wiggins, Senate campaigns deputy director: $80,000

Allan Bense, former House speaker: $67,000

Kristin Seidel, finance staffer: $64,000

Jeff Atwater, Senate president: $44,000

Susan Miller, aide to former Senate President Ken Pruitt: $41,000

Amanda Clark, Senate campaigns finance staffer: $26,000

Dane Eagle, special assistant to Gov. Charlie Crist: $25,000

Ken Pruitt, former Senate President: $21,000

Sandra Stevens, Senate campaigns aide: $16,000

Roger Beaubien, House campaigns staffer: $15,000

Richard Swarttz, party chief financial officer: $12,000

Richard Corcoran, general counsel: $10,000

Rachel Chandler, Senate campaigns staffer: $9,000

Joel Springer, Senate campaigns director: $8,000

Daniel Webster, former House speaker: $4,000

Michael Yaworsky, aide to Greer: $3,000

Mike Haridopolos, incoming Senate president: $2,000

Melissa Francisco, Senate campaigns staffer: $0 **

*These figures are rounded. The total of this list will not equal the total $7.3 million in credit card expenses reported in the Republican Party's state and federal accounts from January 2007 through March 2010.

** Francisco didn't make any charges after January 2007, though she used the card in prior months not disclosed.