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Witness in state's gay adoption case caught with male escort at MIA

From Gay South Florida: "George Rekers, the 'expert' witness hired by Attorney General Bill McCollum to defend Florida's anti-gay adoption ban has been caught with a male prostitute at the Miami airport, according to the Miami New Times.

"Rekers was one of only two witnesses Attorney General Bill McCollum called in an effort to reverse a Miami judge who ruled Florida's adoption ban- the only one in the country- is unconstitutional.

"McCollum paid Rekers and a colleague $87,000 for testimony that called gay people mentally unstable and advised that the ban should be expanded to include Native Americans because, Rekers claimed, they are also at much higher risk of mental illness and substance abuse."


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Dog BlueMiami

Is this for real? You're joking, right? I knew Bill McCollum was somewhat evil. I never realized that he was this much of a conniving snake.

True Blue

Not a "conniving snake" - just plain STUPID !


Rekers has also said that no one should be allowed to adopt if they've had more than 18 sex partners. 17 is OK.

Lauderdale Lukas

So Florida's Attorney General is playing footsie with this "expert" witness and his friend to the tune of $87,000 of our taxes? Does Bill McCollum, like his buddy Reckers, go to a rentboy website to hire someone to carry his briefcase? The Attorney General's expert witness is making Florida the laughing stock of nations around the globe. Taxpayers are owed a refund of $87,000 by the AG along with his letter of resignation.

Panama hat

Where di the 87k come from?

McCollum needs to exit the Gov's race immediately.

That the AG spent $87,000 of tax-payer money on this world-class fraud and breath-taking hypocrite is just an absolute, total OUTRAGE!

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