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A health care fraud question gets Rick Scott angry

A clearly frustrated and angry Rick Scott lashed out a Republican activist who called him an "unindicted co-conspirator" and asked him to explain the $1.7 billion health care fraud at his former hospital chain during a Q&A session at a GOP breakfast in Tampa.

It's a question Scott. the GOP front-runner for governor, gets often on the campaign trail. But this woman set him off. (And if this is a precursor to the reception he gets at the party's quarterly meeting, it's going to be a rough weekend.)

(Hear the audio and read a transcript below.)

Audio of Rick Scott

WOMAN: “In one of your opening comments you said that you wanted to fix Medicaid/Medicare on the state level. Is that kinda ironic when we have the whole Columbia/HCA health care situation that you really haven’t explained quite well? My understanding was that you were an unindicted co-conspirator and that that 1.7 billion payback that your company had to do to the government?

“Could you explain how you want to fix it when you were a part of the problem?"

SCOTT: "Sure. Well first of all I was never even questioned, and I was never charged, so…”

WOMAN: [Interrupting] “That’s what an unindicted co-conspirator is.”

SCOTT: [Interrupting] “I’ll tell you what, let me talk first, ok? You told me your position, ok? I was never part of any investigation against me. Alright? So when Bill McCollum goes out and says that stuff, its outrageous. It’s completely untrue. Alright?

“I built the company. From scratch. That had the best outcomes, the best patient satisfaction, and the best prices. Health care inflation went from 18% to less than 1%. Now, you don’t go do that and do — and violate Medicate. It’s not consistent.”

WOMAN: [Interrupting] “Yes it is, actually.”

SCOTT: [Interrupting] “I'll tell you what. If you want to have a debate, we’ll have a debate. If you have a question, I’ll answer your question.

“So, what I told people from day one— people made mistakes at that company. When you’re the CEO you take responsibility. What I could have done better is more internal and external auditors. But that’s the difference. In business,  you learn from mistakes. In government, they never do.

“So, there’s a website called RickScottForFlorida.com. Read it. And you will never say what you just said again.”

WOMAN: “I actually…”

SCOTT: [Interrupting] “Now wait a second. I answered your question. We’re going to go around the room.” 


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Let's see:
1) handy Dandy recording device ready
2) A McCollum plant ready to ask a question that has a presumption of guilt
3) Results quickly released to a willing press tool
4)mis-characterization of Rick Scott as angry.
5) lots of McCollum posters set up and ready to post on this made up incident

Bottom line: he was firm with this willing stooge who wanted to debate, but not angry...

I was in the navy..this was not angry

Also: I'm upfront and honest:


Above is about an obvious McCollum plant posting to RedState

and here is when I endorsed Rick Scott:


Go to my blog, you will see I don't hide behind false names unlike McCollum Plants

Tell me Mr.Frank: can we have the name of the Woman who asked the question?

1 will get you 10 that she is a McCollum Plant....



Even if McCollum had a plant in the event, it really shows that Scott is not ready to lead. If he gets angry at some old lady for questioning him on something he actually did imagine how he'd get with a real crisis or faced with real criticism. The guy has a record of stealing taxpayer money, so, whether or not he apologizes, i don't want someone like that in charge of my tax dollars! He's a clown, and more importantly for voters...a FRAUD!

E. Garcia

He's a crook, A non-trustworthy man, A delinquent, He stole billions of our tax dollars, That's the money he's now spending in his political campaing, Go to hell Rick Scott!

Lynne Lacroix

I sure wish "I could learn" from a 1.7 BILLION dollar mistake...oh yeah, this is someone I'd trust governing the state of Florida! The entire political system is a joke..the more money you have or raise, the more you can pay for advertising to LIE to the people. And where did all that money come from? But the clincher is that Rick Scott says we need to get rid of the politicians and put a BUSINESSMAN in office...he's running for a political office in the Republican Political Party, but he's NOT a politician? Give me a break! And I guess "monkey business" qualifies him to govern us...NO WAY will he get my vote!

Debra Pilla

Rick Scott is a crook. Plain and simple!
In the Sun-Sentinel July 16th, go to the last page for comments on this jerk. A real winner!

MCCOLLUM IS A JERK TOO! I am a responsible Republican. This idiot wants to take away our "Healthcare" when he gets his "free" from our Florida Government!! What a hypocrite!!

MCCOLLUM, I am suing you for using my "tax" dollars to try and overturn our Healthcare Bill.
SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a weak fraud of an SOB!! Other countries have National Health Insurance, and it's high time we caught up with them!!

MCCOLLUM, you will never overturn our Healthcare Bill, so f-o-r-g-e-t it!!!!!!!!!!

Signed, A Responsible Republican


Scott now says he will sell the states plane. Which one of his cronies is going to buy it and will the $300 he charges his buddy even pay for the fuel in it? Anyone in Florida that does not have health care and votes for this crook deserves what they get!!


Just say NO to Rick Scott. He's made 1.7 billion dollars off of us taxpayers! Enough is enough! He is now spending the money he stole from us to run his campaign for governor. Rick Scott says he's learned from his ummm mistake?? Ppfftt Scott thinks we are all stupid enough to vote for him. Rick Scott you're a crook, a liar and a hypocrit!


Folks, just stop it.

Hundreds of hospitals and medical centers were caught up in that federal investigation. (Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and even Mayo Clinic all paid fines.) They were all being charged for violating regulations which few people in the medical industry knew existed.

By the end of the ordeal it was more of a witch-hunt than an investigation. Columbia/HCA was the biggest chain of hospitals (thanks to Rick Scott) and so got the most attention.

None of that means Rick Scott is a crook, liar, or thief. McCollum even defended Columbia/HCA at the time, which makes him very dishonest for using this as an attack.

The whole "Medicare Fraud" thing is a load of bull... If anyone has any other negative information on Rick Scott, I would be interested to know it. We need more info and less noise.

Dr. Draco

Today oma Bin Laden -- tomorrow Rick Scott!

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