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Another Democrat for Crist

A Tampa lawyer and Democratic fundraiser who worked as finance director of Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink's successful 2006 campaign, Jeff Lieser, is telling donors that he has put his law practice on hold to oversee Gov. Charlie Crist's "Democratic fundraising efforts." 

Crist has been stepping up his Democratic outreach since he left the Republican party two months ago to run for the U.S. Senate as an independent.

Lieser is circulating an invitation to a fundraiser Thursday in Parkland at the home of Howard Dvorkin, founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, who has been linked to indicted fundraiser Alan Mendelsohn. Download Parkland


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Lee Gorodetsky

This figures, the Governor who ruined the Insurance industry in less than 4 years now has and Indicted Fundraiser helping him get in to the Senate. What a system we have. No wonder no one can trust any politician!!!!!!!!


Charlie Crist thinks Obama is doing a GREAT job on the oil spill. Of course, the Herald's soldout reporters would never report that.


True Blue

November election results:

Crist - 42%

Meek - 33%

Rubio - 25%

Teabaggers - 0%

Jeb Bush - less than zero.

ffxiv gil

Tampa lawyer and Democratic fund-raising as chief financial officer Alex who aided the success of the 2006 season the receiver, Jeff Lieser directing, told he had to shelve his lawyers Gov. Charlie Crist monitoring the donors, "Democratic fund-raising effort. "Crist has stepped up publicity for his Democratic campaign two months ago he left the Republican Party as an independent U.S. Senate.

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