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Anti-abortion group attacking Crist on the radio

The Family Research Council Action PAC announced today a statewide radio ad campaign assailing Gov. Charlie Crist for vetoing legislation aimed at discouraging women from having abortions.

The ad states, "Governor Charlie Crist used to claim to be pro-life. Now he's just pro-Crist. Since leaving his party he's decided he'd rather be pro-abortion, removing the pro-life section from his website and vetoing a bill that would allow women to see an ultrasound of their child before having an abortion."

The ad also endorses Crist's rival for the U.S. Senate, Republican Marco Rubio: "This November, vote a principled leader into the U.S. Senate. Vote Marco Rubio, pro-family, pro-life."


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fine and dandy

THis is reason enough on its own to vote for Crist.

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