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Attack email calls Judge O'Connor 'nastiest'

It's never a dull day in the wacky world of judicial races in Broward this season. An attack on Judge Eileen O'Connor landed in our inbox this holiday weekend from an entity dubbed Stop Racism Broward with a post office box in Pompano Beach. We emailed and called the judge's chambers this morning and haven't received a response yet. Election opponent copponent Rhoda Solokoff and her campaign consultant Jack Shifrel said they had nothing to do with it.

The attack includes information from a 2005 Miami Herald article about the fact that O'Connor lied on her 2003 judicial application by responding "No" when asked if she had been the subject of a formal complaint at work. Two federal prosecutors filed racial and religious discrimination complaints against O'Connor, their boss, in 2000 and 2001. The Department of Justice settled one case for about $10,000. The state Judicial Qualifications Commission cleared O'Connor.

Here is the attack email:

Eileen O'Connor is running for re-election. Eileen made headlines a few years ago when it was found out that she lied on her application of judicial appointment.  She filed that she had never been the subject of a complaint by coworkers. But in 2000 and 2001, two complaints were filed against her for racism and racial targeting in her position as an prosecutor. The Justice Department had to settle at least one of those complaints for $10,000.

Coworkers can attest to disgusting racial slurs against Blacks and Jews and her attitudes have always affected her judgment on the court. 

As a family court judge sources confirm that she's tried to take away children of Seventh Day Adventist families, telling a horrified court staffer that the family and their religion are a "cult."

She made headlines a few years ago for sentencing a 19 year old juror to 4 months for lying on a form. He checked that he didn't have a criminal record. The juror had been arrested for failing to renew his auto tag but those charges were dropped. The juror was the only one singled out and checked despite being well dressed and polite. He was African-African.

Eileen O'Connor is the nastiest judge in all of South Florida. She should have been removed from the bench a long time ago.