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Bank starts foreclosure process on Rubio's Tallahassee home

Rubio home

A bank began the foreclosure process on a Tallahassee home owned by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio after he failed to pay his mortgage for five months, according to court documents filed this week.

But Rubio and David Rivera, a Miami state lawmaker who co-owns the home, settled the matter and paid the $9,500 owned to Deutsche Bank, according to Rubio's spokesman, Alex Burgos.

The Leon County court  documents, first reported by the Palm Beach Post, indicate no such payment but the campaign provided a letter to the Herald/Times on Friday confirming the settlement check. Rubio and Rivera bought the home in 2005 for $135,000 as a place to live during the legislative session.

"This is a jointly owned property in Tallahassee that has been in the process of being sold. A clarification was needed on the amount owed, which has been resolved. This loan is current and the action is being withdrawn," Burgos said in a statement.

The bank filed a notice of lis pendens -- the first step in a foreclosure -- on Monday. No formal response from Rubio or Rivera, the state's House budget chief, has been filed yet. The home is located 1484 Bent Willow Drive, about six miles east of downtown. It is empty and a real estate sign sits in the front yard.


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Hahahahahahahaha... Too Funny! Rubio the Dead Beat!


Yea, Fiscally responsible. Gee, I would not vote for this bum. How do you not pay for 5 months. I think he feels since he has power he can do what he wants. I am ashamed that people would vote for this irresponsible man to represent our state.


Too bad they didn't just put this on Lil Marco's Gold Amex card and just let the RPOF make the payments for them. Not a lot different than paying to repair his minivan. Both he and Rivera are little more than con men who use their political positions to scam a very good living off the people of Florida.


I used to browse through newspapers and head down to the county clerk's office to find re-properties for sale. Needless to say, this was often fruitless.

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