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Charlie Crist and the politics of oil drilling

As oil seeped toward Florida's coast Friday, endangering the livelihoods of God-knows-how-many people in an already shattered economy, as well as God-knows-how-many turtles and dolphins and birds and all manner of wildlife, Gov. Charlie Crist took time out to hustle for cash.

"I have and will continue to do all that I can to protect our beautiful state and navigate us through the challenges ahead,'' Crist says in the appeal, followed by this clumsy segue: "As you now know our campaign is about putting people ahead of politics. We are all tired of the same old excuses and politics as usual. I need your help to carry this message to Washington.''

Of course, Crist is not the only politician milking the spill for political benefits. Each tries to up the ante with tougher talk but offers little in the way of practical solutions.

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Time for the Mainstream Media to do its Job (Don't hold your Breath):




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