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Charlie Crist on Jim Greer: "Some times desperate people say desperate things"

Gov. Charlie Crist insisted on CNN today that he knew nothing about Jim Greer's secret fundraising deal until he read it in the newspaper.

"It is an unfortunate situation. It is very disappointing and sometimes people disappoint you. And that's what has happened here," Crist told host Candy Crowley.

But what about the contention from Greer's attorney that Crist "knew about Victory Strategies from the very beginning?"

"Absolutely untrue," Crist says. "You know, sometimes desperate people say desperate things. And it's very sad."


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Blue Dog

Charlie Crist and Jim Greer have a lot in common, they will both say anything to save themselves. Greer from jail and Crist from losing a US Senate race. Crist absolutely knew and he is the reason Greer hung on as long as he did.


I guess even a lawyer who has never practiced law like Charlie Crist knows that "anything you san can AND WILL be used against you in a Court of law."


Shucking Chuckles should well know that desperate people will say and do desperate things.

That's what he's done out of desperation to save his political hide.

He didn't like dancing with the ones that brung him, nor did they like dancing with him.

So he's desperately seeking new partners in the seedy political swingers lounge, selling himself like sweet meat in the campaign meat market.


For Governor Crist to say he wasn't aware of what his hand-picked Chairman of the ROPF is to say Charlie Crist is a conservative. -- both are untrue!

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