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Crist: abortion veto will happen 'sooner rather than later'

IMG_2226 At a press conference this morning, Gov. Charlie Crist said he will act on the ultrasound bill "sooner rather than later," and gave strong hints that he will veto the measure.

"I have concerns about it,'' he said. "The notion that there would be a forced ultrasound, if you will, that would have to be paid for by the woman involved. Those are the things that seem to be pretty difficult for a woman already in a difficult situation.”

As Crist makes his decision, a group called Bound 4 Life will hold a silent prayer (pictured) in the Capitol each day the governor is deciding on the bill. Jared Olsen, an organizer for the group, said the red tape represents "silent cries of the unborn in the womb."

"Anything that can save more babies is good legislation to be passed," Olsen said.

Crist said it was the last bill he received from lawmakers and “I don’t know if there is a strategy behind that. Probably there is. It may be for the reason you cited – they wanted to try to have more input for people to express their opinion.”

But he said the responses received by his office don’t reflect what he has heard from people. “We’ve got a fair amount of input. What we hear anecdotally throughout the state is a little bit different, and the kind of responses may be an organized action that we’ve gotten.’’