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Crist campaign gets new mouthpiece

After weeks of a barebones campaign team headed up by his sister, Gov. Charlie Crist today announced a new media consultant for his Senate bid: Josh Isay of SDK Knickerbocker. The firm has experience working for independent candidates, including Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In 2008, Politico described Isay as a "Democratic fixer." Perfect, Crist critics would say, for a candidate  who deserted the Republican party.


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Denny R. Wood

Mr. Isay has his work cut out for him. How will he spin Crists, last 10 years, where Crist has had offices that had no public restrooms that people in wheelchairs could access the water closet(toilet)? These restrooms were on every Floor Crist has had his offices at the Capitol Building. For two of those years he had direct control over the Management Services who perpetuated those barriers in the Capitol Building and other State Buildings in the Capitol.

Each week the wheelchair lobbyist who tried to work with the Jeb Bush Administration via Toni Jennings and the Inspector General of the Department of Management to remove the barriers by simple maintenance will be asking people with disabilities and their families and supporters NOT TO SENT CRIST TO THE US SENATE. That same wheelchair lobbyist, me, has been sending E-mails for the last year to everyone who will listen in his community of people with disabilities, the republican committee members and the media about Crist. Crist's most latest offense was asking the legislature to raid the Disadvantaged Trust Fund for millions at a Special Session. Thankfully, the State Legislators said NO! This trust fund is created by small dollars from license plate renewals. This fund is used to develop and maintain special transportation for very severely disabled persons. In 1994, Crist voted against a $1.50 increase for this trust fund as a senator. Crist has deep roots in negative votes for people with disabilities.

The last possible person we need in the U.S. Senate, from Florida, is Charlie Crist. There is only one "Mr. Clean" candidate in this race and that is Maurice Ferre. His resume is at www.FERRE2010.com. Read his resume and you will see why he is rising in the polls weekly.

Denny R. Wood

Josh Isay, must spin the Governors Committee on Disability Issues, a group of very controlled persons, many in wheelchairs, some with high profiles, as Marc B., of Miami.

For their assistance in helping remove the capitol barriers for people with disabilies I have repeatedly asked all of them to RESIGN. Their assistance has been a big zero. And they all know the issues as I have told them.

With Goveror appoints to Commissions comes some some civic responsibility. Instead they bask in the glory of their Governor's appointment. Hand picked soft people, with no history of activism. None have taken an affirmative stand on any tough disability issue. Resume builders, all of them. These Commission members stick their head in the sand and do NOTHING about the barriers to people with disabilies in our State Government Buildings, ADA barriers of 20-18 years running.

Josh Isay, will probably work closely to these pawns of Charlie Crist. You know, photo's and the other necessary props to offset this screaming out loud legendary spokesperson for people with disabilities.

How he will spin the lack of Federal Department of Justice/Civil Rights Division's no response to this Federal Complaint to the DOJ Civil Division will probably be the Obama Crist Photo and bear hug. Isay will probably say Crist and Obama are buddies. I actually believe that Obama is supporting Crist, or there would have been a federal lawsuit filed against Crist over the 2004 ADA Capitol report listed at www.dignity4disabled.com. And that report is just a few of the listed barriers at the Capitol.

Isay has his work cut out for him. At least 20% of Florida, are people with disabilities and Isay does not have a single arrow in his quiver, other than this useless Commission to rely on to generate a single vote from people with disabilities. Isay, bring it on. Nothing is better in a good fight than being on the side of right and the law. Crist is a serial ADA law violator. It is not a money issue, as the needed rennovations are just maintenance issues by a qualified team, it is an attitude issue. Depatment of General Services actually remodeled many of the restrooms in the Capitol and did not provide wheelchair accessible stalls. Outrageous.

Josh Isay, bring it on. www.dennywood.net


Time for the Mainstream Media to do its Job (Don't hold your Breath):



Denny R. Wood

Why hasn't Mr. Isay responded to these comments? Or anyone else from the Crist campaign? I'd like to see what I say challenged by the Crist people. I can't be the only person reading this column. Or am I? www.dennywood.com

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