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Crist consorting with Cuban anti-sanctions crowd

Gov. Charlie Crist, who has supported sanctions against Cuba and signed a law that imposed financial burdens on travel agencies that arrange trips to Cuba, is slated to collect checks today for his Senate campaign from some prominent members of the anti-sanctions crowd. Is another Crist flip-flop in the works?

Co-hosts of the event Friday in Miami Beach include Alfredo Duran, a lawyer and Bay of Pigs veteran who advocates opening a dialogue with Cuba, and Maria "Tessie" Aral, who runs a company that charters trips to Cuba. Download Crist Invite FINAL

Last year, amid heavy criticism from some Cuban exiles, President Obama lifted restrictions on Cuban-Americans who sought to visit family on the island and send them money.


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Good for Charlie! The pro-Batista crowd has run state (and national) policy for far too long. Lil Marco is goose stepping to their tune while Fat Jeb beats the base drum. If their team got any more "conservative" the rest of us would be required by them to give the Sieg Heil salute immediately after Marco's coronation.


another case of charlie running to the left......6 months ago he favored the embargo......now I am sure not so much.


So the Governor is now warming up to the Castro crowd, so what does the cuban american representatives and senators do? do they continue to support Charlie?? Mayor Alvarez, Rep. Planas, Llorente, zapata and robaina?? Senator Garcia and Villalobos? does their loyalty for charlie run so deep that they are wiling to go against the base? Charlie is showing that he is will do anything to get democrat votes. He has NO BACKBONE.


Gov. Crist gave new meaning to the term "flip flop".
Yesterday he favored the embargo and now he is seeking funds from the anti embargo crowd. How low can one get?

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