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Crist staffer quits over fundraiser tied to Cuba travel

Gov. Charlie Crist's special assistant in South Florida has resigned over the governor's attendance at a fundraiser for his U.S. Senate campaign attended by business leaders who back lifting sanctions on Cuba. The fundraiser -- story here -- was co-hosted by Alfredo Duran, a lawyer and prominent supporter of opening dialogue with the communist regime.

Chris Miles, 20, joined the governor's office shortly before Crist left the Republican party to run as an independent in late April. He previously worked for Sen. George LeMieux and for U.S. Rep. Lincoln-Diaz Balart's re-election campaign.

"I appreciate the opportunity that I have had to represent the governor in South Florida,'' Miles said in a statement. "However his decision to accept campaign contributions from business associates of the Castro regime has prompted my resignation. There are few issues I consider sacred, and that is certainly one of them.''

Crist's spokeman, Sterling Ivey, confirmed that Miles had left the governor's office but didn't give a reason.


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A 20 year old staffer rates column inches and ink for resigning??!??!


Don't know why Crist felt the need to take money from Castro cronies. Makes no sense considering a lot of Cubans were going to support him. This guy made the right decision. As a Cuban-American it is stuff to turn a blind eye to this kind of thing.

John McAuliff

The resignation of a young and not very experienced staff person will do little damage to Crist's campaign.

Chris Miles is certainly entitled to his opinion, but his departure is encouraging confirmation that the Governor is moving away from the dead end extremism of Miles former candidate, Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Just as John Kerry and John McCain took the counterintuitive lead in supporting President Clinton's normalization path with Vietnam, a Senator from Florida who advocates modernization and reform in the US relationship with Cuba can have disproportionate influence.

John McAuliff
Fund for Reconciliation and Development


How inspiring to see that a young person has the courage to stand by his principles. It is a lesson that Charlie Crist has yet to learn!


Yep. This kid showed Charlie what you should do if your people, your bosses do something you disagree with. The upright thing to do is resign and then explain why. Charlie should have resigned as Governor a long time ago.

But Shucking Chuckles only gives up his principles, not his position or his ambition.

There should be more people like this kid in politics, and fewer like Cristo-Change-O.

Angela R.

Come November that will be Senator Crist.


Miles stuck to his principles and should be lauded for it. People who work for their values, not solely votes, are what we need in politics.


The power of the "air cover" Republican Cubans is waning quickly as that generation dies off. The new third and fourth generation Cuban Americans have much looser ties and see economic opportunity in opening dialogue with Cuba BEFORE the Castro brothers die. Las I recall it was dollars flowing into Eastern Europe that brought down the Iron Curtain, not armies.


What kind of principles does a 20 year old kid have that everyone should be lauding him? This is the same mentality that almost put Joe the Plumber in the White House. Also, why shouldn't Crist attend a fundraiser with pro-dialogue Cuban-American's? Mind all of you, Alberto Duran was born and lived in Cuba. He fled when Castro took over. If he favors an open dialogue and the dismantling of the travel restrictions we all should listen. His views certainly trump Mr. Miles in my book.


Crist attends a fundraiser hosted by anti-embargo advocates and the worst thing that happens is his hardliner shoe shine boy quits? I have to say, Miami has come a long way!


One word: RESPECT. Bravo Chris Miles Bravo!


this is a joke, right???? 20 year old, who worked for the ballarts, quits because of PRINCIPLE. hillarious!!!! did anyone tell this staffer, that it is mostly REPUBLICANS in the house and senate wanting more business with cuba? hmmmmmmm, i smelll a rat, maybe a money rat.


I What does party have to do with this? This young man made a decision based on principles not politics. The rest of these politicos could learn a thing or two.


this trust fund spoiled rich kid is quitting because he wants a GOP job and has the luxury of having his parents pay his way during an early transition. besides being a traitor... he cared more about his outfits and shoes than he did about working while with the governor. politics is about loyalty and relationship building and this kid will regret his choices of going to press under such foolish pretenses. When sen crist wins and is our next senator this kid will be mopping regalados floors in 400$ gucci loafers.


Gucci? or work for Regalado? You clearly dont know the kid.

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