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Crist works condos like a Democrat

IMG00046-20100624-1135 Since he left the Republican party to run as an independent for the U.S. Senate, Gov. Charlie Crist has been increasingly -- and successfully -- making overtures to Democrats. Today's official schedule suggests a full-court press. He went to Century Village in Deerfield Beach -- a mother lode of Democratic voters -- for the ceremonial signing of a condo-related bill that he actually signed 23 days ago. He also attended a hurricane preparedness seminar in Kings Point in Delray Beach, another heavily Democratic retirement community. "I'm for all the people,'' Crist said, when asked about his itinerary.

Eileen Berman, pictured left, was among many Century Village Democrats who told the governor he had their support. Asked if he was using his public office to promote his political campaign, Crist said, "I'm using the authority of the governor's office to let people know about good legislation that passed on their behalf.''

Known for always managing to conveniently schedule public and political events in the same location, Crist has a campaign fundraiser tonight in Parkland. That's why he flew commercial to South Florida today from Pensacola and paid for the ticket himself, said spokesman Sterling Ivey. "I understand he is personally paying to ensure there is no conflict between his state and campaign activities.'' Ivey said.     


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So the old Jewish condo Democrats will vote for the white man (quasi-Republican) rather than a Democrat who is black or Jewish? Really?


No religious or ethnic issue here just looking for good government.


Florida Democrats obviously have no principles. Stimulus = good government?? Job creation? Yeah, that umemployment rate is plummeting. Well, government jobs have grown by 400,000. Nevermind the private sector has lost over 2.5 million since stimulus passed. Carry on, it's just good government. A vote for Crist is a vote for someone who would support Obama's unpopular agenda.


@ Chris: Yea, I guess that's why the Wall Street Journal found that the GDP growth over the past year or so is due to the stimulus, and that without the stimulus unemployment would be much higher. If only the Republicans in Congress were filibustering jobs bills and unemployment relief to "help" Americans like they are now. Yep, they're the party with ideas. People and recession come before deficits. You can't fix deficits if people are unemployed, which creates a death spiral in the economy from businesses being hurt by unpaid debt and a lack of demand. Economics 101.


Muckraker: Way too much time on your hands. Get a real job and take that Rubio poster down off youe bedroom wall.

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