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Dems aim for 2008-ish turnout in 2010

The arm of the Democratic party dedicated to keeping President Obama's 2008 campaign machine revved up is gearing up for 2010 amid predictions that it could be a low-turnout, mid-term election with bad results for Democrats.

Organizing for America's Florida director, Ashley Walker, said the group will be focused on getting at least a good chunk of the 1.1 million first-time voters in 2008 to the polls in November. Walker ticked off OFA's post-election accomplishments: pushing health insurance legislation in Congress with 200,000 petitions of support and 150 press events; helping to elect Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch in a special congressional election; and holding 30 campaign strategy sessions for 2010;

"This is our road map for keeping Florida blue,'' she said. OFA is holding dozens of kickoff events across the state tomorrow.


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Time for real Change:




We needed more people to turn out but that's always true. A start is a start. Onward!


We are lucky to have the President we have after all the damage the Republicans have done with their ideologue policies. Republicans are MORALLY responsible for the erosion of the safety and liability for oil companies. We need to finish getting these surrogates of fat cats and unethical companies out of political power. Just think what would be happening now with a Bush or a Palin in power...

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