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Despite contradiction, McCollum urges Crist to sign abortion bill

Attorney General Bill McCollum sent a letter to Charlie Crist on Friday urging him to sign the controversial abortion bill (HB 1143) expected to hit the governor's desk next week.

The move is not surprising given that a key provision in the bill gives McCollum's office better legal justification for suing President Barack Obama for the federal health care mandate.

But the bill (originally designed to tighten controls of nursing homes) has become a lightning rod because of the abortion issue. "Ensuring that patients are fully informed prior to making a critical health care decision should be a policy we all support," McCollum wrote.

McCollum didn't address the fact his support represents an apparent contradiction: he is fighting a health care mandate (the federal law) while supporting a state health care mandate (an ultrasound before abortions in the first trimester).


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Because You Don't Understand Our Constitution

There is no "apparent contradiction." If the Herald and Times reporters actually studied American History (or even 9th grade civics), the states delegated certain, limited rights to the federal government in a document called the Constitution. Health care was not one of them. That has always been a state issue. If the author's comments had merit, then they would rationally think that McCollum and others conservatives think there should be no regulation of doctors or health care at the state level, which would be absurd. The reporters do not even pretend to try to understand the legitimacy of the argument that the federal government does not belong in these matters.

This is the province of the states, not the federal government. The Herald and Times should be embarrassed and ashamed to have a headline about a contradiction that is misleading and just plain stupid.


As one who has had to observe an ectopic pregnancy on an ultrasound delivered by a callous doctor with my wife, I know first hand how invasive, disturbing, and outrageous this bill is.
If conservatives really believe government should stay out of citizens private lives and their health care decisions they should should practice what the preach.
McCollum and the Right Wing Nut Jobs in the Florida Legislature are ethically bankrupt.


There is a huge difference between mandating a diagnostic procedure and requiring practitioners to offer full disclosure of its results to a patient prior to conducting a medical procedure, on the one hand; and mandating that people purchase a product or get punished with a fine (i.e., health insurance).

But such an important difference is lost on our hapless, feckless, and reckless press idiots who engage in gross mischaracterizations and drum up controversies for the sake of selling soap.


It amazes me how Republicans try to justify their hypocrisies over and over. OK, you want to make the point that it's OK for States to mandate health care but not the federal government (a weak argument to begin with). What about Medicare? It's a federal health mandate that all right wingers are calling 'untouchable' while at the same time trying to repeal the health care bill.
I'm sticking with the logical approach and asking Crist to veto HB1143.

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