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Florida Republican raises money with Joe "I apologize" Barton

Joe Barton, the Texas Republican who famously apologized to BP -- and then retracted it -- will be the "special guest" at a fundraiser next week for Ocala Republican Cliff Stearns.

Barton, the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, nearly lost his post for telling BP CEO Tony Hayward he was "ashamed" of what he called a "shakedown" at the White House -- the $20 billion fund BP agreed to set up to help victims of the oil spill. Democrats are having a field day with the apology/retraction, posting web ads that accuse Republicans of siding with corporate interests.

The fundraiser is next Wednesday. Here's Barton delivering his apology.


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The GOBP is all about Wall Street and Big Oil. They want Main Street to pay for Big Oil's mess. They could care less that Wall Street gave us the worst recession since the Depression. DO NOT vote for the GOBP this November!

Barbara Wick

This is the best news in the years I've been working to get Cliff Stearns replaced with a Democrat. Do you have more information about location and time?

We need to publicize this in Gainesville where people will not like this.

Frank P

Great news - good to read this.


What a great idea!! Florida Republican raises money with Joe i really appreciate the kind of topics you post here

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Fast C

Nice idea! Great article.

Raul Rutter

Wonderful! Republican is getting financial advantages with him it's time for post this kind of articles and topics.

Jeff Jouer

We've trying hard change the things, then something is changed but not our desire.


Excuses that are retracted have no values, and next time they are the same!


Politics parties had always been sponsored by huge corporations and their interests seems to converge.


Now, when the crise is regaining step by step this kind of events will absolutely repeat.

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