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Former Crist aide bashes the guv over oil spill

As one of the last Republicans to leave Charlie Crist's Senate campaign when he left the GOP, one-time Crist spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg is now the Republican National Committee's mouthpiece and unleashed this zinger amid news reports** that her old boss will be stomping tomorrow with VP Joe Biden in the Panhandle:

"As Floridians’ frustration with the oil spill continues to rise, it’s becoming clear to everyone except Governor Crist that the Obama Administration is failing to solve this crisis. How can the Governor continue to praise this Administration when it has taken 71 days for Vice President Biden to even visit the Gulf, the leak hasn’t been capped, and additional skimmers haven’t been able to make it to the region? This is a real tragedy with real consequences for Floridians, and instead of simply singing the praises of the Obama Administration, Governor Crist should focus on providing concrete solutions for the people of his state."

**Note: Crist's office denies he'll be with Biden


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The RNC now hires a paid mouthpiece to do its partisan dirty work. How refreshing.


stuntmanmike, are you OK, buddy? Did you think the RNC would hire a volunteer to shill for the Dems?


I agree. Charlie's leadership has been abysmal during this crisis. He should have demanded more from the federal government during the first few weeks of the oil spill. Instead he waited, and waited, and waited until the oil washed up on our shores. He should have had a better plan to respond to this crisis. Instead he designates a U.S. Coast Guard Commander (federal employee) to act as the state's liaison with the Incident Command structure in Louisiana. Our own state emergency officials don't seem to know what to do. I have watched countless hours of the Oil Spill Recovery Task Force and all our emergency officials admit is that they made plenty of mistakes communicating with counties and have not worked out issues with Incident command. What I don't understand is why they are having communication issues when they're supposed to have expertise to handle these type of emergencies. I'm very concerned if a hurricane hits this state.


Amanda why don't you stick to what you do best- helping Republicans who support drilling off Florida coasts get elected. STFU


Somehow it's a problem now that she's a hired flack for the RNC?

She was a hired flack for Shucking Chuckles Cristo-Change-O before that.

It is said that Republicans believe in repentence and forgiveness and she qualifies.

On the other hand, Crist and his newfound Democratic allies believe in expedience and forgetfulness.


If there's a photo-op, he'll be there.

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