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'Front-runner' Scott wants to debate McCollum

Two days after surging to a double-digit lead in a new poll, Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott wants to debate his opponent, Attorney General Bill McCollum, four times before the Aug. 24 election.

Scott's campaign released a letter to McCollum dated Friday. It reads: "I have been criticized by you and the media for not playing by the political insider 'rules' on how to wage a campaign in Florida. I wear that criticism as a badge of honor. And despite your constant negative campaigning against me, as the recent polling has shown, Florida voters are clearly responding to my ideas on how to turn my state around, rebuild our economy, create jobs and fix our state's budget.

"So today I'm going to break two more insider 'rules' and do something frontrunners NEVER do -- challenge their opponents to debate AND challenge them to MORE debates than in the last like election. I hereby challenge you to four statewide debates leading up to primary day. I think the voters deserve to hear both of us talk unfiltered about our ideas on how to turn Florida around."

"We look forward to debating him in advance of the primary," said McCollum spokeswoman Kristy Campbell, who said the campaign had not yet seen Scott's letter.

-- Steve Bousquet


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Denny R. Wood

Hopefully, McCollum accepts, and hopefully, Scott will ask McCollum why as Attorney General and a Cabinet Member he has not led the charge to prosecute all parties who remodeled restrooms at the Capitol Building and failed to provide a wheelchair accessible toilet stall.

Scott can have the e-mails to McCollum and their ding-a-ling responses.

The issue is attitude. "The good old boys" are entrenched in Tallahassee. They hold the government jobs that deal with maintenance at the state buildings. McCollum knows the issue and depends on the State Media not to do an investive report on the subject. They do not have to go, just send an Architect to check out the Capitol report at www.dignity4disabled.com. If this is how these government types and cabinet members handle state issues, re-elect none of them.

Denny R. Wood

What I like about America, is that every 4 years in Florida we have an opportunity to get even, and remove the obvious bums in State Government.

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