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Gelber quits law firm after BP hires it

Dan Gelber quit his law firm, Akerman Senterfitt, on Thursday after BP hired the firm to represent it in the oil claims process.

BP hired Akerman Senterfitt to handle civil litigation weeks ago. Gelber, a Democratic state senator running for attorney general, submitted his letter of resignation last week, according to campaign manager Christian Ulvert.

In an interview with the Times/Herald on Monday evening, Ulvert disclosed Gelber's resignation after challenger Dave Aronberg called on Gelber to resign. "As a candidate for attorney general, it is an inherent problem when your own law firm is on other side of one of the most important pending lawsuits in Florida's history," Aronberg said in a statement. "Working for the law firm that is defending British Petroleum for damage done to Florida beaches is disqualifying. You don't have to be a lawyer to know that you can't profit from the polluter and then represent those who have been injured by that same polluter."

Gelber initially resisted suggestions about a conflict of interest, telling the Daily Business Review "I know nothing about the case, nor will I ever." Read more here.


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That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.


Dan, show some bal*s and stand up to Dave, but you don't need to quit your job. What happens when you lose in the primary or general? You'll be unemployed and will have no public office to be in. You have surrounded yourself with idiots and are going to pay come primary day...if not you'll get killed in the general. Sorry, Danny, but you have run a terrible campaign, terrible, and I would be shocked if you can win the primary. I know you can't win the general.

Saul Cimbler

WWMD, how do you criticize someone who leads by example? Great sign of integrity on DG's part. Not that there is anything wrong with a lawyer representing ANY client. No shame on his old firm. But, not all politicians do whats in their economic best interest, as here where DG took the high road, and cut off any debate on this non-issue. Kudo's Dan. Get back to the issues in the race, and moving to one of the 100 firms that have solicited you.

Saint Petersblog

The policial precendent that may have served as warning to @dangelber was Holder's decision to recuse in USB case.


Michael Selman

Saul's right...you can't criticize Dan Gelber's ethics and integrity with this move. Aronberg, on the other hand, really showed his immaturity and the craven depths to which he'll stoop to win. Myself and many other Dem voters will remember this political stunt Dave pulled and will be voting for Gelber (who I predict will win the primary AND the general)!

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